OrionX Brief

OrionX is the flagship product of OrionBlockSystems, Inc. OrionX is a hybrid echo system of hardware, software, and a hyperledger blockchain system that will enable the user to secure, encrypt, and access data on the blockchain.

OrionX consists of a state of the art hardware wallet that secures a private key, the hardware wallet is equiped with some of the most advanced security features that will only allow the legitimate user to access it. In addition, OrionX has a very sophisticated software that can be used as a hybrid multi-signature all along with the hardware to save the private key securely.

The last part of OrionX is a specially designed hyperledger blockchain the preliminary functionality of this blockchain it will be used to secure user date when buying OrionX and then it will be used to authenticate the arrival of OrionX to grant the user a license key to unlock setting up the system.

Eventiually the OrionX system will be integrated with numerous applications, we envision it will be integrated and used with the following

  1. Securely access exchanges, the hybrid private key all along with an SSL certificate deployed on OrionBlockSystems, Inc. Blockchain will be used to securely access the exchange
  2. Securely access private data saved on the blockchain such as medical data

For more information and details about OrionX please refer to the following paper