About Us

OrionBlockSystems, Inc. was founded on the fundamental belief that mass Blockchain adoption can not become a reality until key security issues have been solved. OrionBlockSystems, Inc. has been established by experts working in some of the most prestigious organizations in the world to solve the most difficult challenges facing this emerging industry. Our goal is to design, develop, implement and deploy state of the art cybersecurity technologies that will address safety critical issues facing Blockchain technology. With our commitment to solving these key security and other issues, Blockchain can finally achieve worldwide adoption!

Our Mission is to provide the world with breakthrough Blockchain cybersecurity hardware and software capabilities that will facilitate safe operations against malicious breaches and fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions. In doing so, we will be an integral part in moving the Blockchain revolution from the infrastructure phase to the mass adaption phase by showing the value and capability of Blockchain in protecting personal data and information against cyber threats. We will also be a prime player in moving the cryptic process of cryptocurrency and decentralized digital asset transactions to become a routine, everyday task.

OrionBlockSystems, Inc was founded by experts working at some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. The founders come from a background where safety is a priority. We believe that before Blockchain technology can flourish, many key issues that face the security of data needs to be solved to prove the superiority of Blockchain over other solutions.

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