Meet The Team​

The story behind the founding of OrionBlockSystems (OBS) started with Mohammad A. Edaibat. Mohammad, the founder and CEO of OBS, is an Astrounatical and Space Systems Engineer working as a senior Guidance Navigation and Control Engineer designing spacecraft intended for deep space missions. Mohammad is also a part time researcher at the Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory where he researches the feasibility and design of a potential future mission that will travel outside of our solar system. The founder and co-founders of OBS have been fascinated by the rise and interest of Blockchain technology for years now. It wasn’t long before it became obvious that the decentralization that Blockchain technology offers will revolutionize the world exactly as the Internet did back in the 1990’s. The company was founded with a very bold vision to become a world leader in Blockchain cybersecurity systems. In addition to the founder, some of the co-founders are also space system engineers and some have been involved in Blockchain since its early stages- including investing in Bitcoin back in 2011.

Mohammad is the Founder, and CEO of OrionBlockSystems. He is an Astronautical and Space Systems Engineer specifically working as a Senior Guidance Navigation and Control Engineer of safety-critical flight software for spacecraft intended for deep space missions. In addition, Mohammad is a part time researcher at the Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Lab, researching a state of the art potential future mission that will travel outside of our solar system.

Founder, and CEO

Jacob, is Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer of OrionBlockSystems. Jacob has been involved in creating growth for many industries in technology, supply chain & business consultation.  Coordinating with hospitals in the mid-Atlantic region, Jacob helped in the distribution of critical medical equipment to facilities that were functioning on outdated technologies. Jacob has consulted and participated in newly emerging businesses.

Co-founder, and ChIEf operations officer

Chip, is Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of OrionBlockSystems. He has nearly 15 years experience in GNU/Linux Systems Administration. Over the years he has acquired much knowledge and skills in the use of a broad range of open-source technologies and software applications, scripting, and programming languages. As a freelancer, Chip has developed and customized software, and implemented software solutions on the desktop, and in the cloud for businesses in various industries. 

co-founder, and ChIEf technical officer

Anthony is Co-Founder and Chief Engineer of OrionBlockSystems. He is a a spacecraft Avionics (Command & Data Handling) Engineer involved in the design of spacecraft intended for deep space missions. He has extensive knowledge in developing, designing and testing ground software/hardware. He currently specializes in testing Ground and Flight Hardware.

co-founder, and chIEf engineer

Michael is Co-Founder and Senior Software Developer of OrionBlockSystems. He works as a safety critical flight software analyst for a spacecraft intended for deep space missions. He has worked in numerous flight software/hardware design centers across the country. He also has extensive experience in 3D computer graphics, primarily environment creation and photo-realistic rendering.

co-founder, and senior software developer

Josh is Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at OrionBlockSystems. He has been involved in the hospitality, entertainment and service industry for the last six years and has expanded his skillset to areas ranging from customer relations, to brand management & development and event planning. In this time, he was able to build a knowledge base in marketing and public relations that has allowed his simultaneous progression in different industries while building on his skills as a communicator and liaison between multiple businesses.

CO-founder, and head of marketing